1. Use of TARIC document code Y067
For accounting reasons related to the sharing of traditional own resources, 2021.
from 1 January, the goods released for free circulation which:
December 31, 2020
• you were in temporary custody
• were subject to a special procedure,
regardless of whether the United Kingdom is involved in the transaction.
The European Commission has introduced a new TARIC document code: Y067, which was
shall be entered at the time of release for free circulation in accordance with Article 44 of the Single Customs Declaration.
whether or not a customs debt is actually incurred.
Code Name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Agreement on the withdrawal from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community 49.
at the end of the transitional period in the context of Article 5 (16) (b) of Regulation (EU) No 952/2013.
or placed under a special procedure in accordance with Article 5 (17)
goods in custody .
2. Application of country code XI
Under the Protocol on the Ireland / Northern Ireland to the Exit Agreement in 2021.
From 1 January, Northern Ireland will continue to be the European Union’s customs, VAT and statistical authority
legislation as well as EU excise rules should apply
to distinguish Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom.
This is the purpose of Code XI for Northern Ireland from 1 January 2021.
XI appears in the country code of the Northern Ireland customs offices, the EORI
number will start with this code and can be used as a country code on goods declarations
use. However, the GB country code should still be used as the country of origin code.
3. Application of the EU notification code
The United Kingdom will join from 1 January 2021 on trade in goods
Convention on the simplification of formalities, and therefore import and export duties
Declarations of goods under the notification code – box 1, subdivision 1 – EU if the goods are
They come from or go to Britain, that is, England, Scotland, Wales.
4. New commitment documents and guarantee certificates
Customs authorities to the United Kingdom Convention on a common transit procedure
for a maximum of one year after accession, ie until 31 December 2021
current forms of commitments and guarantee certificates on which the
the necessary geographical changes have been manually transferred.
The manual change for guarantor commitments for guarantor guarantee certificates
carried out by the customs authorities.
By the end of that period, the beneficiary shall make a new commitment to the amended
according to the pattern.
In the order of the new sample, “Great Britain and Northern Ireland United
Kingdom ”is removed from the EU Member States and after the Republic of Turkey.
Farmers must submit amended or new commitments and request them
the modification of the comprehensive guarantee permit for the transfer of territorial changes, as well as the
to increase any guarantee amount.
Certificates issued by the customs authorities shall be amended manually by the directorates if:
it is requested by farmers.

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