Advice for HGV drivers

If you’re travelling to, or through, France and Denmark, you must have proof of an authorised negative COVID test, before arriving in Kent, or any UK port.

You must also have a Kent Access Permit (KAP) to travel through Kent and on to the EU.

You must take the COVID no more than 72 hours before you arrive at the border. Without proof of a negative test, you will not be able to cross, causing further delays.

If you are a UK resident going to Denmark, you will need to provide evidence of an authorised negative COVID test taken no more than 24 hours before entry. This is regardless of where the transport begins.

Please consider this when planning your journey and check the latest travel advice.

Free tests are available at 34 of the Information and Advice sites providing border readiness checks, but please check the latest opening hours and information. You can also get an authorised negative COVID test from a private testing facility. Check with your firm in case they have their own arrangements.

Increased checks at the French Border

French customs have a zero-tolerance policy to HGV drivers without the correct import and export documentation for the goods they are carrying.

If you’re leaving England for France, you:

  • are legally required to have a Kent Access Permit to enter Kent.
  • can only cross the Channel with evidence of an authorised negative COVID test. This measure is mandated by the UK and French governments, and will stay in place until further notice.
  • should get a Covid test before you arrive in Kent—with proof of a negative test and a Kent Access Permit you will be ‘fast tracked’ to the port or Eurotunnel terminal.

Get support and further information

Use our Live Chat Function or visit one of our Information and Advice sites to conduct a free advisory border readiness check today.

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